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What I want this book, tentatively titled, “Be a Champ: Using the Life Lessons from Tennis to Maximize Your Game and Propel Your Career,” to accomplish is helping junior players (and those who support them — parents, high school coaches, college coaches, teaching pros) understand that by becoming better at tennis, you can become better in other areas of life, like school and at work.

The chapters are short, under 3 pages. I’ve deliberately avoided covering areas that are better covered in other works already (like rules of the game, getting started with the right equipment, on-court drills, etc.) and focus on the life lessons, tools, and strategies that can be mastered on court and then applied more broadly.


Here are some of the chapter titles that are already completed:

  • Hit To The Open Court by Finding It or Creating It
  • Lift That Back Foot for Consistent Forward Power
  • Practice Hard So Competing Is Easy
  • Get Ahead and Stay Ahead
  • Keep The Net Out Of It
  • What Playlist Is On Your Internal iPod?
  • Play Your Game, Not The Game Your Opponent Wants You To Play
  • Don’t Cheat Either Way
  • Tennis Is A Game Of Momentum
  • Stay In The High-Performance Zone
  • Strong Foundations Build A Winning Game
  • Watch The Pros For Inspiration, Not For Technique
  • Your Opponent’s Mistake Is Worth As Much As Your Winner
  • What Champs Do That You Probably Aren’t Doing
  • Debrief In The Car, Not On The Court
  • It’s Always A Showcase
  • Preparation + Courage = Huge Results

As your read each chapter title, think of the obvious way in which you teach your players to use this idea and then think about how you have used or might use this idea off the court.

When we are leading a tough practice, we obviously want our players to do well in an upcoming competition, but we are also hoping that they will understand how strong preparation leads to strong performance in school and on the job, right? When we teach players to “keep the net out of it” you’re also teaching them to avoid other fixed obstacles to success. Fun, isn’t it?

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Be A Champ Book Project Survey – What’s Your Perspective

Be a Champ Book Project Survey Whats Your Perspective

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